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Nov. 24th, 2010

tears of happiness

i saw it from ur fb wall post. I truly wish you and her will be happily ever after.

No, nope, what should i say? James, he is gentlemanly, awesome and a generous guy, he will do whatever it takes to give her happiness. So both of you, definitely be a couple which everyone will bless for.
Dear James, knowing that you are getting engaged and sooner or later having your own family is absolutely a big piece of good news! Though we hasn't been in contact for quite sometime after some misunderstanding and more over after u're attached which hardly rekindle our friendship. You meet your true love and a nice girl which both of you will walk down the aisle tgt and forever. Im absolutely contented for you.

you were always there for me and walk my sorrows or sharing my joy. i would like to apologize if i nvr being a person or friend which will be there for you everytime, however, u're always my true friend, JC.

Congratulations. you'll always be in my <3

look inside our tiny mind

OH! i think we're missing out Mr Aldwin Chan and Ms Kris Teng to complete the picture.

im always looking forward to our Roland Swim School Old Folks Gathering, okay i dun really mean we're old but literally old friends which nvr once take a group photo before! :(

 i'm longing for that. People, we should really work out smth. Aren't you with me?

my ending misery

How amazing when i still can get the password right. Jeez

work has really been tough and nevertheless unattractive. duh!
me, my fat hope of travelling every mth should be well answered by the prayers which lies in my <3
Cruise to PortKlang lately with my families and it was an incredible one. Many many attempts of Starjumps nearly sway us little and stagger to feet though.

Oct. 25th, 2009

i hate you

my sister, she always quarrel with me because of superficial matters.
e.g. like me dirtying her clothes after i borrowed and blah blah blah.
i dun tink its my fault but wadever she say is always right. and she demanded sorry from me
and i hate ppl who always rake up the past . sometimes has she ever tink of me?
did i always bring up the accident. no! not even once. i jus put things behind.
how my two fingers suffered and became like tis because of the accident when i was 14yrs old. 
does it make me feel better?! of course not.
but i won't spout it out to upset or cause for more verbal fights, so im writing in here.

i only got 7 letters for her. FUCK OFF !

Oct. 21st, 2009


aiyo. im not supposed to eat beef but i tink i consumed the wrong pepperoni pizza
and puked during my way hm. Mr Punjabi jay went off early as he got hm curfew. (:
the art of communication from Charles was good. 
85 market reopen today! had dinner there and also discuss about bday plans for SW 20th.
i texted Aug for supper cause im still hungry after dinner. hahahha
he bought me supper from geylang, all tym fav, you tiao and soya bean!!! so happy !
gonna wk up early tml for placement test. jeez. 

Oct. 19th, 2009

swipe and go !

went shopping with elwin and kw today at ion orchard. 
win bought tiffany n co for his miss r. HAHAHAH. 
i got a topshop membership today. all thks to elwin. 

-tapandtake by samsung. Let me win the CAMERA ! I WANT THIS! 

fcuk man. everytime when i got the money i jus dun see anything i wanna buy
but when am totally broke then wadeva i saw i jus feel like buying ! hell no. :/
i hate it hate it totally screw it man. i wan the top and vinyl jacket frm Bershka and the leggings from river island.
maybe one fine day i should go Rob The Bank ya!  geez. 
gonna bring a btl of red wine down for Morgan's bday tmr. really hope he dun mind its was a cheap gift. im sry!

my mom super crazy, watch drama without watching every part.
she str away skip from episode 12  to the last which is episode 56. POWER ! 
parents and families are leaving to genting again later at 6am.
wad am i gonna do in SG! TELL ME TELL ME !! 
alright im so hungry now but am gonna keep my nei nei cake from tml. (:
all time fav, the booby cake, Spike-d from Big o's

all time fav, the booby cake, Spike-d from Big o's

PS: It's super unhealthy to cry too much, it makes ure eyes swollen and fry. so pop.

Oct. 18th, 2009

(no subject)

watched this today. oh man tis show is creepy. 
sisterhood, a piece of shit. and lies have its price to pay.
everybody couldn't stop growing old day by day, years by years but,
one thing we shouldn't stop to do is stop lying!


and u know what, Botak Jones taste like crap. seriously.
the tuna spag i had was totally awful. not even 1/4 of it that i consume
freaking hungry now! but i denied on mac so no more mac delivery. :/

Vampire Diaries is awesome! 


Oct. 17th, 2009

all i ever wanted

the f-o-u-r letter words are indeed a question mark.
that fully explain why many failed marriages exist. :/
infidelity is the ultimate betrayal
some feelings are way beyond love. 
step into the comfort zone, friendship matter most.

I didn't want us to burn out
I didn't come here to hold you
I want you to know that it doesn't matter

Oct. 16th, 2009

Are we human

HAPPPPYYYYYY! i jus feel like putting fireworks man! do-re-mi  
ajay did me a favor and called up cim. they said nobody will have to remodule, all will be doing the sup paper in NOV.
im gonna score high tis time! im gonna write a essay as long as a river for Dr Tan Gok Heng! ((:
seriously. Supper is fattening and i actually went for supper every single night and i tink im putting on weight. geez
still on war with my dad and i haven been taking any cents from him for 4days. im seriously so broke !
there''re 3 lovely birddays coming up this mth. shitty. :(
i tink today during my slp he sort of put money under my pillow but i intentionally decline and ask him to tk it back
its not vivid but i sort of rem some of the scene or maye i was plain tired and i cant rem what actually happened. maybe its in my dreams!
Paul Van Dyk hitting ZOUK on tis sunday! and well its morgan's 18th bday after 12am too.
Are you all ready for it !!! Are we human, or are we dancers?

let's get down down down down down !

i wanna be on one of those !

Oct. 13th, 2009

skype feels hype!

 skyped with SQUARE HEAD today! u know who u are! he really look like white chicken.
 i tink roasted one taste better and look healthy and hot! hhahaa.
 no waterfall for him today but i tink no need go there also can see waterfall today! pouring cats and dogs. lol
 i show him my husband today and my cocky spec! and btw he still own me 7 A&W curly fries! 
 i tink im gonna charge u interest if not u better smuggle in OK?


 now videocam-ing with Andy! heheheh.
 he's so cute and he's my new skype buddy. xoxo


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